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Our map tools make it easy to see your sales information in new ways. You will find trends, hot spots, and cold zones that help you take action. Where should you target next? Where are your most successful accounts? These questions will be easy to answer when you visualize your sales data using our tools.

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Where are your leads?

Map your customer leads

Aggregated results like the above are useful for reporting, but our tool can be even more powerful when you map the full addresses of leads or customers. While an address is most precise, our fast and accurate geocoder can also convert city, state, zip code or postal codes into mappable coordinates.

Whatever geographic information you have from leads, including IP addresses returned from many web forms, can help you learn more about where to focus your efforts. For example, you could use advanced map marker clustering to sum the value of all potential deals in a region. Or use our mobile app to find your nearest customers while you’re on the road.

Once your data is in a spreadsheet, there’s no end to the ways you can visualize it in BatchGeo. Export from Salesforce or other CRMs, or drag and drop any Excel or similar spreadsheet file into our easy to use tool. Try BatchGeo today.