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Andrew Weil M.D. – Health and Wellness Collection 2
Andrew Weil M.D. – Health and Wellness Collection 2|1.63 GB

Sound therapy has been found effective in treating a surprising range of health challenges
including heart disease, arthritis, stress, emphysema, and more. On Self-Healing with Sound and
Music, bestselling author and physician Dr. Andrew Weil teams up with sound therapist Kimba Arem
to offer listeners a powerful new tool for healing in two sessions.
In Session One, Dr. Weil discusses the latest in medical research that demonstrates how music
heals the body and mind, while Kimba Arem teaches breathing and vocalization techniques for
harnessing this potential. Session Two gives listeners just the music: a complete sound journey
into expanded states of consciousness optimized for healing. Through an integration of ambient
beats, natural sounds, indigenous and classical instruments, and a state-of-the-art recording
process called Holophonicв„ў technology that creates a three-dimensional healing space, listeners
experience prescription-strength music with the power to influence every system of the body.

Useful for relaxation, meditation, bodywork, or creative endeavors, Self-Healing with Sound and
Music features didjeridoo, Native American and Celtic flutes, Tibetan and crystal bowls,
keyboards, and voice.

2. Andrew Weil – M.D & Rubin Naiman, Ph.D Healthy Sleep

Wake Up Refreshed with Proven Practices for Optimum Sleep. Imagine waking up each day alert,
invigorated, and at the peak of health without needing that cup of coffee to get going. For many,
this sounds like a fantasy. But according to Dr. Andrew Weil and his colleague Dr. Rubin Naiman,
healthy sleep and healthy waking are well within your grasp, without turning to drugs. On Healthy
Sleep, these two mind-body experts present practical tools to help you enjoy the life-changing
health benefits of optimum sleep, covering the roots of insomnia, and natural means to overcome
it; the spiritual component of sleep and dreaming the missing ingredient to truly rejuvenating
sleep; eight practices from Dr. Naiman to address your specific sleep concerns including three
sessions to help you fall asleep; and much more.

3. Andrew Weil – M.D & Steven Gurgevich, Ph.D Medical Hypnosis

Major medical journals are fi nally beginning to recognize hypnosis as a legitimate clinical
tool, citing proof positive that it can help ease chronic pain, lessen the side effects of
chemotherapy, counteract anxiety and sleep disorders, and more. On Heal Yourself with Medical
Hypnosis, Dr. Andrew Weil joins Dr. Steven Gurgevich, a leading expert in mind-body medicine, to
offer listeners a 2-CD session on how to use this amazing tool for personal healing. On Part One,
Dr. Weil discusses the physiological mechanisms behind the mind-body connection, while Dr.
Gurgevich demystifies the practice of hypnosis through a concise account of its history and
important case studies. On Part Two, Dr. Gurgevich introduces listeners to four trance induction
methods, including trance deepening and a full session of self-healing with hypnosis.

4. Andrew Weil – M.D Breathing Meditation yoga trance

The health you enjoy today, and for the rest of your life, begins with your next breath. In fact,
breathing is so crucial to your body’s ability to heal and sustain itself that Dr. Andrew Weil
says, “If I had to limit my advice on healthier living to just one tip, it would be simply
to learn how to breathe correctly.”
On Breathing: The Master Key to Self-Healing, listeners will learn a complete course of eight
breathing exercises that Dr. Weil uses in his own life, and has prescribed to hundreds of
patients over the past two decades. Dr. Weil reports that these breathing exercises get more
favorable response from patients than anything else he teaches.

To learn the art of healthy breathing, Dr. Weil turned to Eastern traditions, including yoga,
which view the breath as a vital link to the prana, or energy of the universe. In easy-to-follow
language, he explains the secret of breathwork’s power over your health, and its remarkable
ability to influence — and even reprogram — the nervous system.

From increasing energy to lowering blood pressure, to improving circulation to beating anxiety
disorders without drugs, Breathing is a practical introduction to the benefits of breathwork,
presented by the bestselling author and physician who has taken the miracle out of self-healing,
and made it available to all.

Course objectives:

List the health benefits of breathwork.
Explain how overstimulation of the sympathetic nervous system contributes to health issues.
Describe the relationship between breath and spirituality.
Apply breathwork techniques to increase alertness and relaxation.
Practice guided exercises for restored wellness over time.

5. Andrew Weil – M.D Healthy Eating : A Lifelong Guide to Your Well-Being

A unique book about aging that draws on the science of biogerontology as well as on the secrets
of healthy longevity, from the renowned Dr. Andrew Weil.

In each of his widely acclaimed, best-selling books, Dr. Andrew Weil has been an authoritative
and companionable guide through a uniquely effective combination of traditional and
nontraditional approaches to health and healthy living. Dr. Weil explains that there are a myriad
of things we can do to keep our bodies and minds in good working order through all phases of
life. Hugely informative, practical, and uplifting, Healthy Aging is infused with the engaging
candor and common sense that have made Dr. Weil our most trusted source on healthy living.

With detailed information on:
-Learning to eat right: Following the anti-inflammatory diet, Dr. Weil’s guide to the
nutritional components of a healthy lifestyle
-Separating myth from fact about the would-be elixirs of life extension — herbs, hormones, and
anti-aging “medicines”
-Learning exercise, breathing and stress-management techniques to benefit your mind and body
-Understanding the science behind the aging process
-Keeping record of your life lessons to share with loved ones

6. Andrew Weil – M.D Music for healing

7. Andrew Weil – M.D Self-Healing with energy medicine

Andrew Weil – M.D Self-Healing With Guided Imagery
Join America’s favorite doctor, Andrew Weil, M.D., and fellow physician Martin Rossman on an
introduction to the far-reaching effects of imagery and visualization on one’s physical, mental,
and emotional health. Dr. Weil introduces the topic, shares his own experience with
visualization, and reveals the results of current research on how the practice of imagery
directly influences one’s well-being. Dr. Rossman guides listeners through a complete series of
practical exercises that provide an immediate experience of the healing benefits of

8. Andrew Weil – M.D Taking Care of Yourself

This is Dr. Andrew Weil’s first one-on-one audio course for optimum health. Since the beginning
of the “natural health” revolution decades ago, Dr. Andrew Weil’s groundbreaking books
have helped millions to feel better, live longer, and avoid illness by integrating the best of
modern medicine and natural healing practices. Now, with Taking Care of Yourself, this
pioneering, Harvard-trained physician invites you to join him in a comprehensive, one-on-one
audio learning course. With Dr. Weil, you will learn the most current and proven essentials for
creating optimum health – naturally. Learn more about: How do you shop for foods and prepare
them for maximum nutrition and pleasure? What are the most effective techniques for tapping the
power of your mind to reduce stress, lower your blood pressure, and improve your digestion? Which
vitamins and supplements – out of hundreds available – are crucial for achieving optimum health?*
How do you create a “whole-person” fitness program that you will look forward to each
day? In this in-depth six-session program, you will receive the same practical guidance that you
would by attending a full-length seminar with Dr. Weil – while learning at your own pace and at
your own convenience. Join Dr. Weil as he helps you to create a personal health program based on
sound and up-to-date recommendations – and shows you how to start Taking Care of Yourself.

9. Andrew Weil – M.D The Joy of Eating Well

Health first, then weight. This is part of the liberating new approach to managing our patterns
of eating developed by integrative medicine pioneer Dr. Andrew Weil and Dr. Carolyn Ross. The Joy
of Eating Well presents their revolutionary program for transforming your relationship with food
and fostering harmony in the mind and spirit through greater self-awareness and body acceptance.
This richly informative two-session course of practical teachings, actionable advice, and
exercises explores: Dr. Weil’s insights about optimal nutrition, cultural influences on our
eating patterns, and an integrative view of eating well including his anti-inflammatory diet The
five levels of healing our relationship with food, from behaviors and emotions to core beliefs
and the needs of the recognition of the soul Dr. Ross SIMPLE Plan a five-point system for
managing meals plus tips for making lifestyle changes that support your goals Seven guided
practices with Dr. Ross including Mindful Eating, The Awakened Body Process, and The Future Self
Meditation There is considerable misconception about food that tastes good being incompatible
with food that is good for you. With The Joy of Eating Well, now you have a much-needed resource
for honoring the body and spirit while moving toward your healthy weight.

10. Andrew Weil – M.D Walking – The Secret to Optimum Health

Two Experts Set the Pace for Optimum Health with This Take-Anywhere Walking Workout Session.
Andrew Weil, M.D. & Mark Fenton. Most of us enjoy walking, but not everyone knows how to turn
this simple exercise into one of the most powerful self-healing tools known to medicine. On
Walking: The Secret to Optimum Health, Dr. Andrew Weil joins Mark Fenton, the nation’s foremost
expert on walking, for an invigorating 2-CD program that gives listeners all the tools needed to
begin a daily walking practice. On Part One, Dr. Weil and Mark Fenton explain the proven ways in
which walking helps you look and feel younger, reduce stress, improve immune function, achieve
your ideal weight, and more. On Part Two, listeners get walking with a fully programmable workout
that features two warm-up options and five intensifying sessions, paced by cadence cues and
motivating tips for each phase.

11. Andrew Weil – M.D Why Our Health matters

A landmark book that shows us exactly how we have let health and medicine become a crisis in our
society and what we can all do to resolve it.

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