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The Great Courses – Physiology and Fitness
The Great Courses – Physiology and Fitness|5.43 GB

If there exists a Fountain of Youth, exercise is it. The evidence, of course, is vast, with a
multitude of studies highlighting the remarkable, life-enhancing benefits of staying fit. Whether
your goal is to live to be 100, run a marathon, reduce your waistline, or just get the most from
daily life, functional fitness is the foundation for active and dynamic living and the best
quality of life you can have.
And the good news: Even a small amount of regular exercise can make a substantial difference. In
fact, you can extend your life, increase your energy, and reduce your chances of acquiring a long
list of medical conditions by getting as little as 15 minutes of exercise a day.
But even with knowledge of the benefits of staying fit and a desire to enjoy them, the world of
fitness is not easy to navigate. In this era of multiple fitness fads, media-promoted health
“gurus,”and an avalanche of exercise products and approaches, reaching your fitness
goals can be challenging.

• How do you find the right fitness program for yourself—one that is both scientifically
sound and also appropriate for your own needs and goals?
• If you already exercise but you’re not reaching your fitness goals, how do you get the best
long-term results from your fitness work?
• Moreover, how do you succeed in staying motivated, setting and meeting goals, and fitting
exercise into an already busy schedule?

In Physiology and Fitness, international fitness expert Dean Hodgkin delivers inspiring and
effective answers to these questions and more, showing you a new, scientifically based way to
reach your own optimum fitness and to keep it for life. Physiology and Fitness presents a
groundbreaking approach to fitness education that brings together scientific knowledge with
results-driven practice in a wholly integrated system, allowing you to enjoy the rich vitality
and health that prime fitness offers—whatever your age or current fitness level.
Experience the Extraordinary Rewards of Optimum Fitness
In 24 visually detailed lectures that include interactive demonstrations, as well as twelve
30-minute home-workout videos, Hodgkin takes you on a fascinating, eye-opening tour of your
anatomy and physiology, showing you how your body functions and maintains itself and how all of
its processes respond to exercise.

In Physiology and Fitness, you’ll learn in detail what happens inside your body when you work out
and how to use that knowledge to feel your physical best and reach results such as
• high and consistent energy for work, home life, and recreation;
• a well-toned and flexible body;
• a healthy body weight;
• improved psychological well-being;
• reduced stress and minimization of its physical effects;
• improved physical agility, coordination, and balance;
reduced risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, low back pain, and numerous
other conditions; and
• extension of the prime of your life and youthful activity.
This course provides a comprehensive fitness resource, whether you’re new to exercise, you work
out regularly, or you’re an advanced fitness enthusiast.

Master the Science behind Exercise In Physiology and Fitness, you’ll investigate the fundamental
health-related components of fitness, comprising cardiovascular capability, muscular strength and
endurance, flexibility, and body composition. Using vivid diagrams and animations, Hodgkin leads
you on a compelling discovery of the science involved, including these vital subjects:
• The cardiovascular system: Study the miraculous mechanism of your heart and vascular network,
how and why exercise strengthens your heart, and the role of cardio work in all phases of fitness
• The muscular system: Discover the complex system of your muscles (the matrix of all physical
movement), their individual functions, and how resistance training works to strengthen and tone
your body.
• Spinal engineering: Learn about the anatomy of your spine, spinal motion, and the important
principles of “core strength,”with a focus on ways to target the spine-related muscles
in exercises that promote back health.
• The science of stretching: Learn about the vital role of stretching and flexibility in
long-term health and longevity, and practice three types of stretching techniques for improving
your range of motion, posture, and ability to relax.
• The authentic laws of weight loss: By grasping the physiology of calorie burning, the laws of
cardio and resistance training, and the principles of weight loss and maintenance, you’ll be
better prepared to realistically achieve your optimal body composition.
• Countering the aging process: Learn astonishing facts about aging, how numerous conditions we
associate with getting older are actually the result of inactivity, and how exercise dramatically
slows and can even reverse the effects of aging.
Workouts for Maximum Results
Following the 24 core lectures, the final section of the course presents 12 workout videos, each
one finely honed to maximize your training time as you put your knowledge into practice.
Featuring female and male models who are learning these routines for the first time, these 12
videos emphasize workouts that involve equipment—and those you can perform without it. In
addition, the equipment used in these exercises is probably equipment you already have lying
around, is inexpensive and easy to find, or (in most cases) can be improvised. Workouts include
these types:
• Body weight workout: Using only the weight of your body against gravity, you can do this
sequence anywhere, anytime, working all areas of your body in 13 highly efficient exercises for
functional fitness.
• Dumbbell workout: A great approach for toning your physique, this weight training workout
uses a range of dumbbell exercises that target alternating muscle groups in your arms, shoulders,
legs, chest, and abdominal areas.
• Step interval workout: With a simple step board platform, this workout combines cardio and
strength training in a comprehensive range of exercises to burn calories, improve balance, and
tone your body.
• Balance board workout: This particular workout is highly effective for developing and
improving your agility, balance, and core strength—and also involves 20% more muscle fibers
than you’d use during a flat-surface workout.

A Thorough and Comprehensive Body of Knowledge Highlighting his presentation with cutting-edge
research from many sources, your instructor incorporates not only hands-on demonstrations of key
points but video commentary from leading health experts, including Professor Steven Novella on
the myths of fitness and aging, Professor Robert Sapolsky on stress reduction and exercise, and
Professor Jason Satterfield on the link between exercise and a healthy mind.

A provocative and engrossing speaker, Hodgkin packs his lectures with surprising and enlightening
information about fitness and the body, including these diverse topics:
• The vital effects of exercise on your respiration, joints, and bones
• Practical and effective ways to overcome barriers to exercise
• How to stay active in the workplace, and how to integrate exercise into numerous daily
• Proper and safe ways to exercise and to protect yourself from injury
• How fitness training positively affects mood, well-being, and self-esteem
• The remarkable benefits of balance training, water exercise, and exercise during pregnancy
• How inactivity and sedentary living pose very real risks to your health
• The astounding benefits of walking, for both overall health and weight loss

An Unprecedented Opportunity in Fitness Training No other fitness program you will find offers
this integrated body of materials and flexibility as a learning system. You can use the filmed
workouts directly, each one carefully constructed to make the most effective use of your exercise
time. Or you can use the course material, demonstrations, and accompanying video glossary to
build on the workouts, shaping your own fitness program to your personal preferences and
modifying it over time as your needs change. With nearly two hours of DVD extra features such
• a comprehensive video glossary,
• video FAQs, and
• a 3-D model highlighting the body’s major muscle groups

Physiology and Fitness is a vibrant and engaging way, one you won’t find anywhere else, to learn
about health and fitness.
In this course, Hodgkin delivers an unmistakable message: Your ability to enjoy the best of life,
day by day, year by year, is intimately related to your physical resources and the care of your
body. Physiology and Fitness offers you nothing less than the chance to change the course of your
own health and vitality—to build a strong, energized, and vital body, and to know the pleasure
and freedom of optimum fitness for life.

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