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MX vs ATV Supercross Encore 2017 Official Supercross Pack-CODEX
Genre: Racing, Simulation, Sports
Developer: Rainbow Studios , THQ Nordic
Publisher: THQ Nordic
Release Date: 4 Jan, 2017
Language: English
Size: 11.2 GB
Race all 16 Official tracks from the 2017 Supercross Championship! For the first time ever you can race the same tracks the pros do - the week of the real event! Each track becomes available for download a few days before the actual event:
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AutoItalia - Issue 256 - June 2017
English | 102 pages | True PDF | 61 MB
Night of Terror
Genre: Adventure, Indie, RPG
Developer: woolfie_games
Publisher: N/A
Release Date: 14 Apr, 2017
Language: English
Size: 529 MB
Your brother is in danger.And you need to save him!Solve puzzles, unlock doors, put the pieces together and find the truth!
Question is... are you ready for it?
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Country Life UK - May 3, 2017
English | 164 pages | True PDF | 53 MB
Genre: Sexual Content, Adventure, Casual
Developer: Narrator
Publisher: Sekai Project
Release Date: 1 Apr, 2017
Language: English
Size:830 MB
Experience a future where the starlit night signals the end. Companion is a Chinese developed visual novel from Narrator with gorgeous artwork and a poetic romance.The Companion Star Project is a name from the distant past.With a population growth that showed no sign of slowing down,a small planet was painfully relocated to orbit around the Earthfor pioneers to terraform and emigrate.
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Finnish Roller-PLAZA
Genre: Action, Adventure, Casual, Indie
Developer: Tero Lunkka
Publisher: Tero Lunkka
Release Name: Finnish.Roller-PLAZA
Size: 3.3 GB

Description: Finnish Roller is a simplistic 3D rollerball game. Choose with 10 different types of ball to play as across 26 levels, 3 separate worlds, each categorized based on difficulty. The objective of the game is to reach the end point of each level alive! End of level is finish line and treasure chest
Beware of things like the lava, fire, bots & laser beams, Toxic cans, cactuses, fishes etc.
In open worlds there are treasure hidden to someplace and player have to find it
There is also health pick-ups like bananas and apples.
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Truck & Fleet Middle East -- May 2017
English | 52 pages | PDF | 13 MB
File Size: 12.6 MB

MEGAsync is a simple and easy to use application that enables you to create a path between a local source folder and a cloud drive, in order to perform file synchronization. The program requires that you create a MEGA account and set up your cloud drive, then select a local source folder for synchronization. Once you sign up, the rest of the process is simple. All you have to do is copy or update the files you wish to synchronize in the local dedicated folder. The transfer is done instantly.
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Recorder 4 in 1 PRO v2.0.5
File Size: 9.30 MB

Recorder 4 in 1 PRO. Call recorder, Voice recorder, Screen recorder, Video recorder, Spy recorder. Secret recorder. Hidden recorder. Still looking for a recorder that has multiple functions? Look no further than our newly introduced app "Recorder 4 in 1 PRO". Call recorder - incoming call recorder, outgoing call recorder. Call recorder, secret video recorder, secret voice recorder, screen recorder.
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Safe Software FME Server v2017 0.1.17288 (x32/x64)-RECOiL
Windows | X32 Size: 1.52 GB | X64 Size: 1.71 GB

Everything FME begins here using a no-code, drag-and-drop approach for efficient workflow configuration. Quickly and easily translate data between many applications with readers and writers for over 325 data formats. Move beyond straight conversion and preserve data's rich details, transforming content and structure without writing a single line of code.
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