Terra Nova | LA FILLE MAL GARDEE-Excerpts女大不中留(奶妈) | Grown Ups (2010)
Linux Series
Linux Series
English | Size: 1.92 GB
Category: Video Training
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Vikings Wolves of Midgard GoG Edition-I_KnoW
Release Name:Vikings.Wolves.of.Midgard.GoG.Edition-I_KnoW
Size:3.61 GB

Description:Fear the wolves. They are cold, they are hungry - and they will stop at nothing to survive...
Ragnarok. Legend has it that when the coldest winter descends, the Jotan will return to take their vengeance against the Gods of Asgard. The world is on the road to perdition and the fate of Midgard hangs in the balance.
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TTC - Introduction to Paleontology
TTC - Introduction to Paleontology
Size: 3.52 GiB (3778146915 Bytes)
Outertech Cacheman Portable
File Size: 9.84 MB
Outertech's system tool Cacheman offers the best methods to speed up Windows. Cacheman optimizes several caches, manages computer memory (RAM), fine tunes Registry settings and speeds up the PC by dynamically changing process priority.
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The Best of British Takeaways S01E03 Indian WEB-DL x264-JIVE

Season 1, Episode 3 -"Indian"
This week, Michelin-starred chef Tom Kerridge travels the country to find out what makes the best Indian curry and uncovers the trade secrets behind our takeaways, while Cherry Healey explores the fascinating stories that helped shape our communities as well as our palates, and learns how Queen Victoria put curry on the British menu.Then three of the nation's award-winning Indian takeaway chefs are invited to compete in a contest in Bradford, the curry capital of Britain. Each is passionate about their own style of cooking, but they all have very different ideas about what makes the best Indian takeaway. For one, it is family recipes passed down through the generations, for another it is using the freshest ingredients grown on his own allotment and, for the third, it is taking inspiration from across India and adapting it for modern British tastes.
MP4 | AAC VBR | 393MB
Beginner’s Guide to Building Sites With Drupal
Beginner’s Guide to Building Sites With Drupal
English | Size: 2.35 GB
Category: Video Training

Creating websites is hard. It takes a lot of code to build a website, but a lot of it is similar from site to site. Clients rarely ever want the same things, but when we are building content-driven sites we have a secret weapon: using a content management system (CMS).
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Vikings Wolves of Midgard Update v20170326-CODEX

For list of changes read included
Genre:Nudity, Violent, Gore, Action, RPG
Developer:Games Farm
Publisher:Kalypso Media Digital
Release Name:Vikings.Wolves.of.Midgard.Update.v20170326-CODEX
Size:83 MB
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Glary Malware Hunter PRO + Portable
File size: 21.17 MB / 25.99 MB
Detects malicious files on your computer and erases dangerous content, allowing you to run on-demand scans of important system areas or specific files. As suggested by its name, Malware Hunter is designed to search and eliminate potentially dangerous files and components on your computer, keeping it free from viruses and other types of threats.
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Final Cut Pro X Guru: Web Video with Graphics
Final Cut Pro X Guru: Web Video with Graphics
English | Size: 3.96 GB
Category: Video Training

Assemble and refine a rough cut, add titles and effects, fine-tune the audio, and export a final video using Final Cut Pro X (FCP X). Nick Harauz shows how, in this course, so you can make a video for the web, complete with graphics. Discover how to leverage the strong organization capabilities of FCP X, including the Smart Collections feature that helps gather relevant clips and events dynamically.
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